New Baking Bits and Bobs

I recently splurged a little bit on a few new baking items. As you may already know ( if the name of my blog doesn’t give it away) I really enjoy a spot of baking and getting creative in the kitchen. I love browsing all of the cooking and baking items online as well as in the shops, Lakeland has to be my favourite place to do this. I swear I could spend all my whole monthly wage in that shop!

First of all I bought a set of five cake tins from Amazon. I thought it was a good deal, and I really did need a new set. These are brilliant if you are planning on making a tiered cake. They have a removable base which I find makes it easier for removing the cake from the tin. They were cheap and cheerful from Amazon. I did originally buy them for £19.99 however they have since gone up in price slightly.

The next two products are only small, however I feel like the cake tester is a must in any kitchen. I always remember my Gran having one just like the one I purchased. Before getting this handy tool I’d always use a sharp knife to test the centre of the cake to see if it was ready. However I found it tended to take a chunk out of the cake. The cake tested I got it quite slim so I find it’s very discreet doesn’t make a mark on the cake.

I always picked up a bourbon biscuit cookie cutter. Bourbon biscuits are my fiancés favourite, and so I really wanted to have a go making my own at home. I’ll be posting a recipe soon to let you all know how they turned out.

I’m slowly building my own library of cooking and baking books, and I just recently added two new ones to my collection. Of course a GBBO book is a must, and I was so delighted to be gifted this at Christmas. It’s full of gorgeous must try recipes from last years bake off, and also features a few of Mary Berry’s.

One bakery I would love to visit is the Hummingbird Bakery. I love watching vloggers in London going to visit and try all the scrumptious cakes. This is the second of their books that I have and I can’t wait to try out a few bakes from this book as the last were foolproof!



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