Benefit’s They’re Real Big Sexy Lip Kit Review

I love making my makeup routine a little bit quicker and easier, and Benefit’s new lip range does just that. The Big Sexy Lip Kit contains 4 of Benefit’s Double the Lip, they’re new lipstick and liners in one, perfect for when you are indecisive on which shade to wear!

The product claims gives you full looking lips in one quick and easy step. The teardrop shape perfectly fills in your lips- the slimmer part contains a darker liner shade, and the bottom a matching lip shade- defining  the whole shape and defining the lip line.


Shades (right to left): Lusty Rose, Revved-Up Red, Pink Thrills, Flame Game.

I found the colours very wearable, they did very well to complement each lip shade with a liner. At first I was a bit apprehensive as to if the product would apply well and give the appearance of a complete lip look. But I was pleasantly surprised! Not only did the product glide on smoothly and look lovely,  I found it lasted a long time and didn’t run or smudge. My favourite out of the kit has to be the nude pink shade Lusty Rose.

Have you tried Benefit’s Double the Lip? Did you think it gave you the perfect pout? What Benefit products are your favourites?

Thanks for reading!



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