Updated Skin Care Routine

Over the last year or so my skin has been, lets put it nicely, a bit unpredictable! Suffering from eczema and dermatitis on my face for so long was tough, which resulted in severe dry patches that no moisturiser seemed to even touch, and blotchy red patches which could flare up at any point.

After trial and error with pretty much any product under the sun, I think I’ve finally found the perfect routine for my skin, which helps keep my eczema at bay and my skin as hydrated as possible!

My routine is pretty much the same for morning & night, however in the evenings I’ll always start by taking my makeup off, either with a makeup wipe if I’m feeling lazy (I adore the Nivea Cleansing Wipes for sensitive skin) or the Makeup Eraser cloth.

I’ll then lather a generous amount of my good old favourite Noxema Cleansing Cream onto my face, I love the smell of this product and it really deep cleans my skin without drying it out.

For the last few months I’ve been using the Foreo Luna Mini, I find it really brings out the best in my cleanser. I feel it gives my face a really good massage and tightens my pores. I wet the Luna Mini under some warm water and use it to gently massage the Noxema Cleanser into my skin. I’ll then rinse my face and pat it dry.

After cleanser, I’ll go in with the Pixi Glow Tonic– yes I know, every bloggers holy grail product- but seriously, this stuff has changed my skin! It definitely brings out a glow in my face and sorts out any pesky dry flaky patches that I always get on my cheeks in the Winter. I’ll put a generous amount on a cotton wool pad and smooth it over my face, then let it dry before moving on to my favourite part, moisturising!

Next up I put a few drops of the Pixi Skin Treats Rose Oil Blend, this oil not only smells amazing, but it feels gorgeous when applied to your skin. I feel it adds just a little bit extra oomph to my skin care routine. After massaging in the face oil I’ll go in with some Epaderm Cream, this is a plain moisturiser which I have used for my eczema for years. I couldn’t imagine using anything else.


What skin care products could you not live without?

Thanks for reading! X



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