Lush Goodies

The last few days I’ve been bogged down with the worst cold ever! I thought I felt a bit better today so I met up with one of my best friends from school for some lunch in town. Before heading home I decided to pop into Lush to pick up a few things. I thought I’d treat myself to a pamper night to help make myself feel a bit better! 🙂

Avobath (Bath Bomb)- This is my all time favourite product from Lush. It’s smells so fresh and uplifting (so it is a must if you like to have baths in the morning!). The Avocado and Olive Oil really helps to rehydrate my skin.


Butterball (Bath Bomb)- This bath bomb contains chunks of Cocoa Butter, which melt into the bath and makes your skin feel almost like velvet.


Percup (Massage Bar) – I’ve tried other Lush massage bars and I think they’re brilliant! They make my skin so smooth and soft. I decided to give this one a go. The bar is topped with whole coffee beans, which makes it look a bit different.

Milky Bath (Bubble Bar)- Who doesn’t love a bubble bath?! I believe that this is a new bubble bar. I thought it just looked so cute! It’s shaped like a milk bottle! It smells very sweet, yet subtle. It contains Orange Oil, Skimmed Milk , Patchouli Oil, and Cocoa Butter.


Cup O’Coffee (Face and Body Mask)- I LOVE the smell of coffee. This mask contains: Vanilla, Roasted Cocoa Extract, Vetivert Oil, and Coffee Infusion. I have been loving the FRANK Coffee Scrub lately, but I thought I’d try this out as it seemed like it would be a bit more moisturising as a mask.



Thanks for reading! Let me know what are some of your fave Lush products! 😀 



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