Highland Road Trip

Last year (well.. a month ago!) my Sisters and hopped in the car and went for a wee drive up North. Kathryn was over from Canada and wanted to see some mountains, so where better to see them than head up to the Highlands!

We went to our old home town- Callander (AKA ‘Gateway to the Higlands’) and drove up to Glencoe, then on to Fort William and then even further on to the Isle of Skye! We didn’t plan on going that far, but we thought, why not? We were already half way there!

The views were absolutely breathtaking! I personally don’t think the pictures to do justice. The only way to take it all in is to go and see it yourself.

Before crossing the bridge to Skye, we stopped off at one of Scotland’s most iconic and recognisable sights, Eilean Donan Castle. Unfortunately we couldn’t go inside, but we did do a 360° walk of the outside of castle!

When we got to Skye it was a bit dark, so it probably wasn’t the best time to visit- so I will definitely be back! We stopped for some dinner at the Antlers Bar & Grill in the main town of Portree. I had fish and chips, which were absolutely brilliant! Would definitely recommend the restaurant. After our meal we hopped back into the car and headed down the road back home!Signature



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